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Lesson fees are charged per month and cover the whole month depending on the lesson length you choose.

IE if you have half an hour a week, you will be billed £58 per month. 

Half an hour – £58 

45 mins – £85

1 hour – £110

They are automatically debited on the 10th of each month August to June. Once you register you’ll can access the studio calender and see each of your 40 lessons; I follow term time as closely as possible & teach on holiday weekends and inservice days. You can sign up for optional summer lessons which are flexible and all summer long.

At the very least you will need some thing to practise on at home but the ideal instrument is a well-maintained acoustic piano with the full 88 keys. A keyboard with 61 keys will only be suitable for a short time before needing upgraded & it’s really important to be able to play dynamics too. 

If you are isolating or well enough for an online lesson we’ll switch to zoom. It is easy & convenient and will save you missing out. You can see my tips for zoom setup here.

If you definitely can’t attend please cancel your lesson in the student portal. It is possible that another student will book yours and free up another space that could be suitable for you. The other option is to post in my private facebook group and ask if anyone is able to swap with you that week. As my calendar is usually full it is not always possible to find another lesson that week. 

Yes. You are more than welcome to park on the red bricks. Please be aware that the black tarmac belongs to my neighbours & that there will be a student leaving and arriving around your lesson time. I recommend pulling as far forward as possible to let other cars park too & if anyone needs out they’ll let you know. 

No. Exams are an option but they’re not the best choice for everyone. It can take 2-3 years just to get to grade 1 and you have to be consistently practising & making steady progress for it to be something I would recommend; it is a big commitment.

If you have a question not covered here, please contact me