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Studio Lessons & Covid-19

Since April 26th 2021 Studio Lessons have been possible as long as the current advice has been followed.

You can find the most up to date guidance from the Incorporated Society of Musicians here.

Please use sanitiser, wear a mask if possible and arrive as close to your lesson time as you can. Siblings may attend lessons together but i ask that adults don’t attend for now. Lesson Invitations for the following week are sent over the weekend; please reply to confirm if you are attending and i’ll update the calendar. The mms portal will be able to show you if you are attending a Studio or Home lesson each week. I am inviting as many students as possible to the studio over the next few weeks and am able to offer all Summer School Lessons in-studio.

Please do not attend a studio lesson if you are unwell or have Covid symptons. I really do appreciate how honest everyone has been and how easily we have switched to an online lesson recently. `