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Home lessons

My students are incredibly independent. My aim is to encourage strong music literacy & to give them the skills they need to succeed.

Top tips for lessons at home

  • Younger students may need help with practical things such as finding the correct page in their book or getting online at first. Please don’t touch their fingers or hands. They might take a moment to understand but they are fantastic problem-solvers.
  • It can be really beneficial to have a musician in the family. Having someone to reassure & encourage is brilliant but please resist modeling pieces. Students are extremely quick to mimic & they don’t benefit from copying when they could be reading for themselves.
  • Do have a dedicated practice area with music & a pencil close by. Also, a charger for devices can be very useful! Having somewhere quiet with minimal distractions isn’t always possible, and i love my chats with siblings & pets, but it’s something to consider when setting up your lesson space.
  • For the best internet signal you might have to ask other household members not to use wifi for a short time.
  • Please dress for home lessons as you would for in-studio lessons. If your piano is in a bedroom please leave the door open.
  • You are welcome to observe lessons however some students are self-conscious with a parent in the lesson. Other students will seek approval from a parent instead of communicating with their teacher. We can work together to find the best arrangement for each student.