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Important Information

This page contains everything you need to know about being a TMT student including where to park, how to change your lessons, and much more! 

MMS Portal

When you register with me you’ll be given access to the MMS portal.

This portal has everything you need to manage your lessons and learning. 


If you need to cancel or change a lesson, use the calendar to change your lesson and book a different one!

Online Resources

The portal has lots of online resources to help you with your learning such as backing tracks and sheet music.


Emails and other updates are stored in the portal for you to refer back to whenever you need to reference them.

Simply login using the details provided to you and navigate using the menu on the left hand side to find all the cool features available for you – including previous invoices, a practise log and so much more. 

It’s a very valuable tool and really helps you manage your own learning and lessons! 

Need To Know


Parking is available, please park on the red bricks. Please be aware that the black tarmac belongs to my neighbours & that there will be a student leaving and arriving around your lesson time. I recommend pulling as far forward as possible to let other cars park too.

Media Permissions

In order to share your lovely photos and videos of performances in our roundup videos, I need your explicit permission to do so. Without this permission, I will be unable to share these. Set your preferences in the portal, you can change these at anytime.

Come Straight In

Please come straight in for your lessons, the door will be open and there is no need to knock.

Facebook Group

Social media is a great way to see studio updates plus the Facebook group is handy for arranging lesson swaps if needed/


Fees follow a tuition model; your annual tuition includes 40 lessons broken into equal instalments paid August to June, which includes almost all resources needed for lessons. Fees are automatically debited by My Music Staff around the tenth of the month using the card details you entered on the registration form. Should a payment fail you can use the link on the invoice to pay & the student portal can be used to update card details at any time.

If you need to contact me, email is the quickest and easiest way to get a response, you can do so by emailing

Performance Week

Performance week is usually 4 times per year. You will receive an email telling you which week you are performing & inviting you to the studio for your performance. If you cannot make your studio lesson follow the instructions below for recording at home.

Students are polishing one special piece that they will be showing off; some will have chosen already and some will narrow their choice down over the next wee while. To encourage as many performance opportunities as possible I’ve encouraged all students  to play for everyone they can think of in as creative a way as they can come up with. 

Photos & video will only be shared in accordance with your current media permissions. You can check your permissions by emailing me at

  • Wear your TMT t-shirt to your lesson & remember your music.
  • We’ll record your perfomance piece here & take photos to mark the occasion. 
  • During your lesson we will cover lots of performance tips & finalise your piece.
  • Download Rhythm Cups & the backing tracks from the MMS portal
  • Record your performance piece at home; the first take is often the best so don’t delete it. Do have a few goes but don’t get in a fankle; the more you stress the harder it is to play.  Take a break, zoom in on any sticky bits and have another try.
  • Wear your TMT t-shirt & take a selfie at the piano. 
  • email your video & photos or ask for the dropbox link.
  • If your piano is in a bedroom you may wish to move it temporarily to take your video.

The photos below are examples of previous performance week photos.

  • Position your camera so that you can see as much of yourself as possible.
  • Take your video horizontally.
  • Turn to the camera and smile so we know you are finished playing.
  • Upload one photo plus your video.

TMT Online

On March 16 2020 Tobias Music Tuition moved completely online. This allowed our personalised and fun piano lessons to continue from the comfort and safety of your own home. Now we use virtual lessons for those who live far away or who are unwell but keen not to miss a lesson. Covid showed us that students can excel in their own homes

What do I need to take online lessons?

Internet access, a smartphone & an instrument is all you need to get started.

A beginners tutorial can be found here

Top Tips
* Use the newest device or largest screen for the best view.
* Check your internet speed here.
* Position your device so that i can see your hands and you.
* Check your audio menu; turn that volume up.

For sitting at the piano Tim Topham says it best, especially about elbows.

Students are thriving in their home environment!

It has been amazing to see them so relaxed and playing confidently on their own instruments.

For online lessons you only need a good internet connection, a device and your instrument.

Here are my top tips for your home set up: 

  • I need a good view. If at all possible set your device at the right hand side of your instrument where i can see as much of you as possible. Your smiley face is helpful but i really need to see your hands.
  • Raising your device above the keys improves visibility.
  • Seats are built for adults so you’ll need to adjust the height if you’re wee; you want your elbows up level with the keys.
  • If you’re wee & wriggly you might benefit from a foot stool to stop you sliding off.