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Performance Week


This year we are having TWO Performance Weeks and we’ll be putting our performance skills to the test in everything but the concert.

Week 1 – June 14-18

Week 2 – June 21-25

You will receive an email telling you which week you are perfoming & inviting you to the studio for your performance. If you are unable to make your studio lesson follow the instructions below for recording at home.

Students are working on polishing one special piece that they will be showing off; most will have chosen already and some will narrow their choice down over the next few weeks. To encourage as many performance opportunities as possible I’ve encouraged everyone to play for as many people as possible in as creative a way as they can come up with. 

Performance Week at Home

  • During your lesson we will cover lots of performance tips & finalise your piece.
  • Download Ryhthm Cups & the backing tracks from the mms portal at
  • Record your performance piece at home; the first take is often the best so don’t delete it. Do have a few goes but don’t get in a fankle; the more you stress the harder it is to play.  Take a break, zoom in on any sticky bits and have another try.
  • Wear your tmt t-shirt if you have one or dress up & take a selfie or silly pics. See examples below.
  • Upload your video & photos.

Performance Week in Studio

  • Wear your TMT t-shirt to your lesson & remember your music.
  • we’ll record your perfomance piece here & take photos to mark the occasion. 

Photos & video will only be shared in accordance with your current media permissions. You can check and update your choices using the student portal.

If your piano is in a bedroom you may wish to move it temporarily to take your video.



The photos below are examples of previous performance week photos.

* position your camera so that you can see as much of you as possible.

* take your video horizontally. 

* turn to the camera and smile so we know you are finished playing.

* upload one smiley and one silly photo plus your video.