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Concert Information

Concert Venue

We are privileged to hold our concerts in Bothwell Parish Church. It is easily found on Bothwell Main Street and you might even hear its bells peal as they ring every 15minutes. They have a beautiful Yamaha baby grand piano that we love to play!

You can watch a previous concert from Summer 2023 and there are more on our YouTube channel.

Take a look inside Bothwell Parish & browse through our gallery below for more photographs from previous events. It may be possible to visit the church in advance by contacting them direct.

On the day

  • Warm up at home before you leave.
  • Wear your T-shirt/hoodie and do remember your folder. Sheets of paper must be inside your folder. If you need a new tshirt or hoodie you can order it here.
  • Folders are black or red only.

1pm Drop off.

  • Students will move around so it’s easiest if they don’t bring extra jackets or things with them. This doesn’t include water or sensory aids. They should sit on the side of the church that has the piano, the right, and we’ll get warmed up straight away.
  • Warm up. Every student has the chance to try out the piano before the concert whether they are performing that day or not.
– All students can change their mind either way at the last minute.

1.45pm Group photo.

  • There are TWO photographs taken; one of everyone and one of those who give permission to share media.

  • Please tell your child if they are to step out of the second photo.

1.55pm Ready to start.

  • Students are seated at the front of the church in the order they are performing ready to play.

1.58pm The doors will be opened.

2pm Start.

  • There will be a short welcome. Students are not introduced individually and will know when they are next. They will have their own programmes.

The concert lasts about an hour. Family & friends are welcome as are all little ones; we expect and prepare for distractions.

The concert will be recorded & published on YouTube. Any photos will be shared in accordance with current media permissions for each student. While you are welcome to take our own photos and video please only share those of your own child.

As a gesture of thanks to Bothwell Parish Church we take a collection towards their work; there will be buckets for cash donations and probably their contactless paypoint.